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Adelaide couple saved by seatbelts during nightmare Singapore Airlines turbulence flight [Video]

An Adelaide man on an international trip with his wife has described the terrifying feeling of free-falling as Singapore Airline pilots navigated severe turbulence during a nightmare flight this week.

Hallet Cove man, John Hall, was returning to home from a holiday in Iceland with his wife, Jenny, on the flight from London to Singapore on Tuesday when the plane hit severe turbulence and plummeted almost 2000m within a few minutes.

One person died of a heart attack and dozens were injured during the incident, which the airline said happened “suddenly” about 10 hours into the flight.

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The plane had 56 Australians on board when it was forced to make an emergency landing in Bangkok.

Hall compared the feeling when the plane dropped to “jumping off a building”.

He became emotional as he remembered babies in basinets being thrown through the cabin.

He said one parent had lost their baby for a few …

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