In defence of civilization: Aaron Wudrick and Michael Bonner
In defence of civilization: Aaron Wudrick and Michael Bonner
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Nigel Farage cannot get in the Lords but a 27-year-old Welsh nationalist can | Politics | News [Video]

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Esther McVey says Nigel Farage should be in House of Lords

Nigel Farage is the most influential and important politician in British politics since Margaret Thatcher, with the possible exception of Tony Blair. He has won two national elections, forced a referendum on the EU and ensured Brexit was done.

Added to that, he has humiliated the banks and put illegal migration at the heart of the political debate. He is known around the globe – not least in America, where he helped Donald Trump win in 2016 and probably again this year.

But somehow, when the stuffed suits of the establishment elite decide who should get honours or be given a lifetime job in the House of Lords, Farage’s name is never on the list.

Yet last week, we learnt that a 27-year-old from a very minor political party who has never won an election in her life is to be elevated to the …

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