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Offensive signs in Killeen, Texas restaurant cause uproar [Video]

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Ferrari-Pizza Pasta Subs has been open in Killeen since 1958, according to the owner. Now it is facing controversy.

KILLEEN, Texas — Anyone who decides to visit Ferrari-Pizza Pasta Subs in Killeen will have the chance to order some Italian cuisine with a side of vulgar decorations.

Ferrari owner Robert Ferrari told 6 News his restaurant opened in 1958.

“I’m from New York and most of my customers come from the North to get true Italian food from me here,” Ferrari shared.

In his restaurant, Ferrari allows customers from all across Central Texas to bring in posters, signs and memorabilia for him to put up on his restaurant walls.

These posters, signs and memorabilia are spread all across the restaurant and range from harsh jokes about women to profanity to photos mocking former presidents.

Some deem the restaurant’s display as offensive, disrespectful or inappropriate.

Leon Lattanzio visited Killeen from Germany to meet his family in late March and said he has …

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