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UN Security Council passes motion denouncing attacks on aid workers | United Nations News [Video]

The United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution denouncing attacks on UN staff and aid workers in conflict zones as record numbers of UN personnel have been killed in Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip.

The resolution, which calls on all countries to protect humanitarian workers in accordance with international law, passed on Friday with 14 votes in favour, zero against and one abstention.

“This resolution [sends] a strong message,” said Pascale Baeriswyl, the UN ambassador for Switzerland, which put forward the measure.

“This resolution reaffirms state responsibility and that of parties to conflict to respect and protect the civilian population and, more particularly, to respect and protect these men and women who every day work alongside those affected by armed conflicts,” Baeriswyl told the council.

The resolution passed amid threats and attacks against humanitarian workers in conflict zones around the world, including in Sudan and Ukraine.

But since October, the Gaza Strip has seen an unprecedented death toll among UN personnel and …

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